Anonymous asked:

What turns you on? Or what on ur bf turns u on? Maybe sexual or even things he does? Cooking cleaning lol stuff like that

Haha well first that scruff is a panty dropper. Morning wood is heaven. Especially because it’s like a 🍌.
I get lost in his eyes and his touch.
I like when he gets rough with me.

Ugh everything about my boyfriend is so sexy.
I find it hard to believe he’s all mine.

Anonymous asked:

Hey just wanted to say love your work and think your absolutely gorgeous! Well I can't get over how you did your hair one time when it was kinda like puffed up and slicked back? Do u remember? I think your bf was in the pic also and you were sitting on the sink. Well yeah, why don't you do your hair like that again? It looked amazing and I think it made you look sooooooo sexy 😍😍😍 hubba hubba! Lol or can you post more pics if u have any with your hair like that? K thx! Xoxo

Thank you so so much! Your words mean so much to me.
I do recall that shoot!! I try and find a couple from that shoot for ya😋

Anonymous asked:

Does modeling nude kinda turn you on? Or like find it arousing. Just walking around naked at home I feel free and it kinda feels arousing lol idk if that's weird

You’ll never feel sexier than when you get naked and be sexy in front of a camera. I wouldn’t say it turns me on exactly but it’s a definitely relaxing for me to be able to just zone out and express myself through modeling.